Food intelligence and
publishing platform

About is an early stage foodtech solution that helps consumers and organizations make more informed decisions on the food they produce, sell or eat every day. We believe that by providing an invaluable resource for households to manage their food buying and preparation, we can in turn enable key stakeholders in the food chain to engage, inform and enrich those food experiences. platform

Shoppers are demanding more transparency and convenience with their food purchasing. Producers, growers, creators and retailers are looking for ways to connect directly with customers and gain insights on activities outside of their brand channels.


Manage meals, recipes and shopping lists through an app that learns from your recent purchases, dietary concerns, local products and pantry ingredients.


Build and manage your customer communications with the industry’s first grocery marketing CRM. Access content ideas, recipes and deploy email and in app campaigns. Gain a wider view of your customers shopping habits outside your stores.


Reach a wider audience and gain valuable insight into who’s using your recipes, their frequency and substitution. Build recipe content with foods your audience are really purchasing.


Promote your customer brands directly to grocers and consumers through an omni-channel marketing and distribution ordering platform.


Connect with your customers directly. Track purchase adoption or defection, buyer household preferences, meal plan habits and even engage customers one to one with surveys and relevant product promotions.

Be part of the journey is looking for collaboration and input from stakeholders throughout the food chain. Reach out if you wish to learn more about our product vision and evolution.